Beauty Diary


  • Experience Time-Honoured Beauty Rituals with Fresh Cosmetics

    With a bar of soap (yes, literally), Fresh Cosmetics was born when founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg created the perfect gift — a set of iconic soaps wrapped in artisanal paper, tied with a delicate wire, and topped with a semi-precious stone. Today, Fresh has grown into a cult-favourite br... View Post
  • The French Beauty Solution: Caudalie

    Listen here: French women are known for their no-nonsense approach to beauty. They are impossibly chic yet — at the same time — they always look effortlessly pulled together. Thus, it’s safe to say that French women have the market cornered on natural beauty and aging gracefully. No one exemplifi... View Post
  • Warning: Your Cleanser Could Be Causing Wrinkles

    What you don’t know — or think you do know — about your skin can sap its youthful luster. One particularly dangerous misconception: after a certain point, the damage is done — and can’t be erased. In reality, there are lots of simple, effective ways to minimize fine lines, erase dark spots, and... View Post