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Warning: Your Cleanser Could Be Causing Wrinkles

Warning: Your Cleanser Could Be Causing Wrinkles

What you don’t know — or think you do know — about your skin can sap its youthful luster. One particularly dangerous misconception: after a certain point, the damage is done — and can’t be erased. In reality, there are lots of simple, effective ways to minimize fine lines, erase dark spots, and firm up sagging skin. If you stick to just a few basics, your skin can look younger, longer than you thought possible. Here’s where it starts from:#QuestionOfTheDay: Should skin should feel tight and squeaky clean after cleansing? 

If your skin doesn’t feel fresh and supple, your cleanser is probably too harsh. Time to throw it in the garbage! Daily cleansing removes blemish-causing bacteria and other impurities such as make-up and oil. However, harsh cleansers and over-cleansing can increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Something we all definitely want to avoid.

Skin tautness is a sign that the skin has been stripped of its precious moisture and oil, the natural barrier components your skin needs to stay youthful. Subsequently, our skin will struggle to balance its moisture-oil ratio, stimulating the oil grands to produce excess oil, which clogs pores, resulting in congestion and acne breakouts.So, what should you look for in a cleanser? Our tip is to avoid sulfates like the plague, no matter what’s your skin type. Sulfates are synthetic detergents that’s very good — basically, overly good in producing a generous lather to emulsify and lift oil. That may feel satisfying initially, but the problem is, it can strip your skin barrier.

Sulfates are found in many, many gel and foaming cleansers. However, it is important to note that NOT all foaming cleansers are loaded with sulfates. Fortunately, you can still get a good cleanse with sulfate-free products. On to the product suggestions…CAUDALIE Instant Foaming Cleanser 

This best-selling cleanser is everything we want in a daily wash: a satisfying lather that detoxes our skin and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated. It is a 99% natural, liquid cleanser that turns into a generous, airy foam for gentle, effective cleansing. Formulated with a soap-free formula that’s free of parabens, sulfates and several other nasty chemicals, it respects the natural moisture balance of skin to restore radiance, softness and comfort. Instead, a natural blend of grapes, sage and chamomile was infused to effectively cleanse and remove make-up and impurities while soothing skin.

$28 (was $32),


CRÈME SIMON Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser

Winner of best facial wash by Cleo (2016) and Beauty & Aesthetics (2015), this extra-fine, instant foaming cleanser is the first step towards radiance as it lifts and removes impurities, light make-up and excess oil. Instead of adding sulfates into its formula, Crème Simon replaced this nasty chemical with cleansing agents that are gentle enough for use in baby care. With a unique pump system that produces a creamy foam, it cleanses your face gently for indulgently soft, smooth and glowing skin, without stripping skin of moisture.

$59, (use code “CREMESIMON” to enjoy additional 10% off on all Crème Simon items and redeem a complimentary Crème Simon’s exclusive vanity purse)SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 

Does this even need any introduction? Infused with SK-II’s signature Pitera™ and white willow, this gentle foam cleanser cleanses impurities around and inside pores while enveloping skin with silky smoothness. With a light-as-air cream that transforms into a fine-textured lather, it provides immense conditioning even after cleansing. The best part? Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and petrochemicals, this luxurious cleanser has a natural rose scent that takes your cleansing ritual to a whole new level.

$70 (was $93),

SULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Foam

From Korea’s No.1 holistic luxury skincare, this foam cleanser prepares your skin for the next step of cleansing with a moisturizing formula that helps maintain hydrated, supple skin, long after cleansing. Infused with herbal and botanical ingredients such as chestnuts and duckweed, the compact and fine foam forms a rich lather effortlessly to gently remove dead skin cells without over-stimulating the skin, leaving behind a deep moisture layer and a relaxed and smooth finish. 

$42 (was $50), VIIMART.comUNT Aqua Nettoyant 

Taiwan’s beauty scene is definitely picking up and it seems like our fellow Asians know their stuff. UNT believes healthy skin starts with hydrated complexions and this superb facial cleanser contains 23% of natural, active amino acids to power the most hydrating wash there is! (Well, hyaluronic acid isn’t the only moisturizing ingredient available.) Boasting of a 100% soap-free formula, this cleanser is completely free of skin irritants such as alcohol, fragrance and artificial colours that will break the skin’s natural protective barrier.

$18.90 (was $22), 

Bottom line, if you experience skin tightness after using a cleanser, it may signal that this product isn’t for you and that you should consider to stop using it. Visit to find a cleanser that works for you today!