Beauty Diary

  • Why Organic Skincare Is More Than a Trend

    Going green these days has become less of an eco-friendly sacrifice and more of a hot, new beauty trend. Organic skincare collections are popping up everywhere, to the point where some of the best skincare out there are organic. So when it comes to your skin, get ready: there are a whole slew of ... View Post
  • 5 Things to Do After Getting a Sunburn

    As you’ve been told a gazillion times, the best way to handle a sunburn is to avoid it complete by using a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher, applied generously every few hours. No matter how hard we try to follow the rules of sun safety, sometimes we still get burned. Some days, we don’t reapply S... View Post
  • Does Your Skin Need a Serum?

    By now you should probably think that you have your skin care routine down. Cleanse, tone, moisturize — what more could there be? But, have you ever thought a facial serum exists for a reason? You might not be ready to add just any new product to your vanity table, but if you’re not using a serum... View Post