Facial Rollers - Do They Actually Do Anything?

Facial Rollers - Do They Actually Do Anything?

Jade rollers took the beauty world by storm a few years back. Today, they have spawned a whole new category of facial massagers, sculptors, and Gua Sha tools. 

There are many different types of facial rollers, Jade being the more common stones you will find - it has been used for centuries in China. Today, you can also find rollers made of:

  • rose quartz
  • amethyst
  • obsidian

If you have been pondering whether you should invest in one of these little fancy tools, we are here to help!

What Do Facial Rollers Do? 

Firstly, let us dive into what rollers actually do. Are they wrinkle-fighting wonder cure or pointless (yet pretty) sham? 

Like all facial massagers, facial rollers help with lifting, easing muscle tension, and improving blood circulation. What's different is, most crystals like Jade and Rose Quartz stay cold naturally, making them the perfect tool to de-puff and calm redness or inflammation. 

Want an extra morning pick-me-up? Keep your face roller chilled in the fridge. This extra-chilled tool can help you tighten pores and wake up a weary face in the morning.  

Facial rollers also support the lymphatic system - the body's key detoxification system, to give you that beautiful and healthy glow. 

How To Use A Facial Roller

Use a facial roller as the final step in your skincare routine. When used over sheet masks and face oils, facial rollers can help ingredients penetrate more deeply

Follow these steps when using a facial roller:

  1. Apply facial oil, serum, or moisturiser with lots of slip. The tool can pull or tug at your skin if not properly lubricated. Which may actually contribute to wrinkles.
  2. Start at the neck and roll upward. Always do face rolling upwards and in one direction - never roll up and down. 
  3. Roll from the jawline to the ear on both sides using gentle pressure. You can continue this motion all the way from the jaw to the cheekbone.
  4. Roll from the forehead up toward the temples, only in the upward direction. 
  5. Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which may feel exceptionally relieving if you have a headache.
  6. Massage under the eye with the smaller stone and apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool in a horizontal motion towards your temple.

In a nutshell... 

True enough, a facial roller is not that different from a typical facial massager. Even manual hand massages can achieve similar results (plus it's free). 

However, Jade and Rose Quartz rollers give you the extra benefits of evening out your skin tone, cooling and calming the skin. The cool and smooth surface of these rollers allows you to access muscles and tissues with a little pressure, while being gentle and safe - which can be a more effective facial massage than your hands alone. 

Furthermore, it is a fun tool to add to one's skincare repertoire since it is multi-faceted and can address a few issues at once. 

So why not invest in one as a way of treating yourself to a daily facial?

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