Beauty Diary

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  • Exfoliating For Skin So Smooth You Won’t Believe It

    When it comes to skincare, most of us know the basics. We know that we should cleanse our skin twice a day to remove all makeup and dirt. We’re also aware that moisturising is essential to prevent wrinkles. But, there is a step which lurks in the depths of skincare’s best kept secrets… exfoliatio... View Post
  • Mamonde: Flower Power in Your Skincare

    Narcissus! Rose! Lotus! Hibiscus! Camellia! Flowers do so much more than look pretty in a vase. They’re beautiful to behold, but most of the blossoms we marvel at contain potent skincare benefits. When infused with today’s innovative skincare technology, these brilliant species can work wonders o... View Post
  • The French Beauty Solution: Caudalie

    Listen here: French women are known for their no-nonsense approach to beauty. They are impossibly chic yet — at the same time — they always look effortlessly pulled together. Thus, it’s safe to say that French women have the market cornered on natural beauty and aging gracefully. No one exemplifi... View Post