Mamonde: Flower Power in Your Skincare

Mamonde: Flower Power in Your Skincare

Narcissus! Rose! Lotus! Hibiscus! Camellia! Flowers do so much more than look pretty in a vase. They’re beautiful to behold, but most of the blossoms we marvel at contain potent skincare benefits. When infused with today’s innovative skincare technology, these brilliant species can work wonders on our complexions.

Inspired by flowers, Mamonde was born out of the exact, same beautiful idea: there’s more to flowers than their beauty. Guided by nature, Mamonde nurtures dozens of floral species as they bloom and recede, in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In the gentlest ways, each Mamonde item only comprises of good-for-you, skin loving ingredients you can trust. So, if you’ve toyed with the idea of trying its products, now as a good a time as any. To help you along, here’s selection of the best Mamonde products you ought to shop:MAMONDE Petal Spa Cleansing Oil to Foam

Your K-beauty double cleanse, simplified! This game-changer transforms a cleansing oil with a subtle, rose aroma that transitions into a light, airy foam for gentle and effective cleansing. Firstly, this luxe oil dissolves dirt, makeup and impurities. Upon contact with water, the cleansing oil lathers into a rich, creamy foam that removes any remaining residue for dewy skin.

$17 (was $20), VIIMART.comMAMONDE Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner

Using the right toner is deemed as an important factor for well-hydrated skin. Dry skin requires constant care, and this ampoule formula transforms into a toner and spreads like water upon contact with skin; instantly absorbing to provide rich hydration. It further forms a thin and clear moisture layer on the skin’s surface that protects it from dehydration. Thanks to its moisture retention power, skin is filled with hydration instantly.

$26 (was $30), VIIMART.comMAMONDE Rose Water Toner

Roses are a household name when it comes to familiar scents. Not just sweet-smelling, this rosewater is infused with 90.89% Bulgarian Damask Rose water that’s perfect for soothing and hydrating your skin whilst removing dead skin cells and impurities. Its beautiful rose fragrance refreshes your mood and adheres to skin smoothly — you’ll be on your way to rosy skin in no time!

$19 (was $22), VIIMART.comMAMONDE Aqua Peel Overnight Cream

To realise smooth and moist skin the next morning, this mild peeling cream provides gentle exfoliation and continuous hydration throughout the night. Plum components attract dead skin cells onto the surface of the skin to facilitate their removal, while naturally-derived enzymes effectively clear them up. Plum blossom has also been known to deliver abundant nourishment to skin to keep it in a state of moisture.

$24 (was $28), VIIMART.comMAMONDE Petal Purifying Bubble Mask

Even if you’re running late, you’ll have time for this 1-minute bubble mask that awakens your skin with a bubbly, rose-kissed glow in just 60 seconds! This airy, chiffon-textured, wash-off mask contains real rose petals to soothe and moisturize skin that’s been exhausted from environmental factors such as pollution. One minute after application, cushiony micro-bubbles form to clarify and purify skin.

$24 (was $28),


Each of Mamonde’s skincare range is created around the unique characteristics of flowers and using them to develop skincare lines that address various concerns. It might be the K-beauty effect, or just how promising all these products look, but we’re so eager to start building our collection of Mamonde items HERE!