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Epic Beauty Steals Under $10 That’re Actually Worth Your Money

Epic Beauty Steals Under $10 That’re Actually Worth Your Money

When you’re buying skincare you want your money to go a long way, but you also want quality products. There are plenty of drugstore items that are just as good as the high end stuff. But there are also products that live up to their low price point. There’s a certain type of happiness that fills our soul every time we find a budget-friendly beauty buy that actually stands up to our expectations. 

We’ve experimented with zillions of skin care products to find what really works, and our daily regimen is equal parts luxe and lower priced. Here, 5 genius beauty essentials that prove you don’t need to spend a lot to look and feel expensive. And what’s more, these aren’t “under $50” or even “under $20”. Nope, we’re taking it all the way down to the under $10-buys we approve of. Soon, you’ll find yourself pondering: Should I get a Starbucks or a new beauty product?Beauty Formulas Gentle Cleansing Milk 

Being in Singapore also means we require an array of water-, sweat- and sun-resistant makeup to ensure our face doesn’t melt off, but removing it requires some heavy lifting. Before washing up with our daily cleanser, we dislodge the stubborn make up with this fuss-free makeup remover to take off all those can’t stop, won’t stop formulas.

Don’t let the name deceive you. Cleansing milk is a hybrid between an oil-and-water mixture; the name simply refers to the texture. It works like any other regular micellar water, except that it leaves skin non-greasy nor sticky after using. For dry skin sufferers, milks are a perfect substitute for your daily cleanser!

$5.60 (was $9.90), VIIMART.comBeauty Formulas Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash 

While this might not necessarily replace our daily cleanser, it is one emergency product we swear by during breakout season. Stubborn pimples respond to so few ingredients because they consider themselves quite the boss of us. While some ingredients may kneel in your presence and cause an acne outbreak, tea tree oil attacks the problem of problematic pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.

Comprising of natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, this gentle, non-abrasive cleanser has abundant skin beneficial and antiseptic effects to effectively remove dirt, impurities and even makeup (bonus!) for a clearer, fresher complexion — though we recommend using a separate makeup remover if you’re wearing heavy makeup.

$5.60 (was $9.90), VIIMART.comBeauty Formulas Charcoal Clay Mask 

This whole detox-and-clean-living craze isn’t going anywhere — it now extends to skin. Lots of gunk, like pollution, makeup, and bacteria, sits on our skin and clog pores, aging our skin more than we ever thought.  Whenever our skin needs a fast perk-me-up, we reach out for a clay mask to help absorb deep-dwelling dirt and impurities. 

Among all the clay masks out there, we swear by this low-maintenance clay mask that contains Activated Charcoal for its ability to act like a magnet to absorb toxins and pollutants. When dirt and excess sebum come into contact with the charcoal, they stick to it and get washed away when we rinse. (Tried and tested: when used as an overnight pimple treatment, it reduces redness and speeds up its healing process).

$5.60 (was $9.90), Beauty Formulas Organic Aloe Vera Lotion 

Ah, yes. If you’re a skin care fanatic, you are probably aware of all the buzz about aloe vera gel for great skin. Well, it’s true that aloe vera gel can do wonders for your skin among other properties it comes with. in fact, it is one of our favourite ways to cool off a burn, soothe dryness or a stinging bug bite.

In all honesty, the purest form of aloe is straight from the plant but in most cases, D.I.Y aloe vera gel goes horribly wrong (unless you have a degree in biochemistry). A safe, less tedious and less messy bet would be this organic aloe vera gel that boasts of the same, natural anti-inflammatory effects to provide a moisturising and cooling relief for dry, rough, irritated or even sun-exposed skin. 

$5.60 (was $9.90),

Beauty Formulas Instant Cooling Mist

Let us clue you in on an itsy bitsy secret: facial mist are our absolutely office beauty essential. These “holy waters” can be used over makeup, anytime, anywhere, to calm humid skin. Plus, the feeling of blasting our face with a soothing spray is just #shiok. What’s not to love, right? Warning: it can be rather addictive though.

For newbies, this fragrance-free yet perfectly-priced spray quickly cools and provides a burst of refreshment for your skin, instantly stimulating and replenishing any moisture loss in skin. It’s a must-have in Singapore’s crappy weather — and by crappy, we mean it feels like you’re being cooked alive in a sauna all day, every day. Also, when we’re running out of toner or a makeup primer, this does the trick for us too.

$5.60 (was $9.90),