Beauty Diary


  • Experience Time-Honoured Beauty Rituals with Fresh Cosmetics

    With a bar of soap (yes, literally), Fresh Cosmetics was born when founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg created the perfect gift — a set of iconic soaps wrapped in artisanal paper, tied with a delicate wire, and topped with a semi-precious stone. Today, Fresh has grown into a cult-favourite br... View Post
  • Mamonde: Flower Power in Your Skincare

    Narcissus! Rose! Lotus! Hibiscus! Camellia! Flowers do so much more than look pretty in a vase. They’re beautiful to behold, but most of the blossoms we marvel at contain potent skincare benefits. When infused with today’s innovative skincare technology, these brilliant species can work wonders o... View Post
  • Facial Toners Explained! Reasons To Start Using One

    Ah, toners — they’re equal parts essential and mystifying. But are they really a cruicial part of taking care of your skin? Short answer: Yes. So, to put a stop to the confusion once and for all, here’s exactly why you need to be toning your skin twice daily after cleansing, plain and simple. 1.... View Post