Bring Out Your Natural Glow Without Any Makeup, We Promise

Bring Out Your Natural Glow Without Any Makeup, We Promise

Famed for their smooth skin and youthful complexions, the Japanese knows a thing or two about looking fresh-faced and fabulous, so we can definitely trust them to come up with fun and unique beauty products with high efficacy. With their beauty rituals and brightening skincare products, it seems like they have found the secret code to looking flawless and radiant.

Hopping on the beauty trend these days — an effortless, natural makeup look that focuses on having great skin with minimal makeup, Japanese beauty brands (or J-beauty) are really emphasizing on ‘Bihaku (美白)’, which translates to ‘beautiful white’. These bihaku items aim to not only improve blemishes, but to also ignite a luminous glow to your skin from within.

Because whitening can mean so many different things, for clarity’s sake, it is important to note that bihaku beauty products do not give skin a whitened appearance, nor will it permanently alter the natural skin you were born with. And with all the stigma surrounding whitening skincare products, these bihaku formulas do not contain mercury, lead, or hydroquinone — these ingredients are illegal in beauty products in Japan!

Pretty much anyone, no matter the age, skin type, or skin tone, can greatly benefit from these bihaku products. The function and purpose of bihaku is to brighten and even overall skin tone, and help fade or prevent blemishes such as acne marks and dark spots. As an added bonus, most of the active ingredients used in the formulas also do double-duty in providing moisture and antioxidants for your skin to drink up.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from Japanese’s brightening skincare products, it’s time to check out this arsenal of new brightening must-haves. Things are going to look a whole lot brighter your skin with Bihaku no Bijin:BIHAKU no BIJIN Whitening Peel Gel

Gentle on skin, tough on build-up! Being a water-based exfoliator, this is the direct opposite of a harsh, grainy scrub but as effective. Watch your dead skin cells in action as this exfoliating gel deeply cleanses within pores whilst preventing acne scars and dark spots. As you rub the transparent gel into your skin, it visibly sloughs off dead skin cells for instant results that occur right before your eyes, to reveal healthy, glowing skin that’s softer to the touch.

Exfoliating your skin might seem like a luxury, but it’s actually necessary. You may be cleansing, moisturizing and slathering on sunscreen — but if you’re not exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be. When skin is exposed to the air and the pollutants, the surface becomes dry, rough and hardened, forming a layer of dead skin. As dead skin cells accumulates, it prevents new skin from regenerating and various skin concerns such as spots, acne, blackheads and wrinkles will emerge. Unfortunately, regular cleansing can’t remove all of that. It is only via exfoliation that the old surface cells are removed and you’ll find hidden underneath beautiful skin just like a baby.BIHAKU no BIJIN Whitening Pack

We get it: when it comes to skincare, everyone wants something that works instantly. While there are plenty of brightening products that require effort and dedication to show results, this moisturizer helps you realise your modern-day Snow White goals in a flash. Furthermore, it doubles up as a makeup base, creating the perfect smooth canvas for makeup application.

It’s relatively fuss-free either — simply paint translucent, bright skin by applying the mask pack on for 10 minutes, before gently rinsing away any residue. Infused with medicinal plants that are certified brightening ingredients in Japan, the natural blend of grape leaves, licorice root, chamomile leaves and jojoba oil provides excellent anti-inflammatory effects that instantly brightens, boosts luminosity, improves dull skin tone and corrects any skin discoloration while quenching thirsty skin. While it isn’t a permanent solution for skin whitening, regular use will help to brighten skin overtime.

If you’re suffering from a lacklustre complexion, it’s time to ditch your highlighter palettes for these super effective, brightening skincare products! When it comes to brightening, Bihaku no Bijin knows what’s best. They’ll bring out your natural glow without any makeup — we promise. This week’s introductory offer: enjoy additional 20% OFF BRANDWIDE for Bihaku no Bijin here when you enter code ‘BNB20’ at checkout.