Holiday Gift Giving - Beauty Value Sets To Bag This Black Friday Sale

Holiday Gift Giving - Beauty Value Sets To Bag This Black Friday Sale

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This year's festive celebrations may look different this year. With our holiday plans engulfed in a thick layer of uncertainty, gift-giving becomes more crucial than ever in bringing back the Christmas spirit.

Choosing the right gifts can be difficult, but you can't go wrong with a beauty gift set - because really, who wouldn't love a fab addition to their skincare or makeup collection, especially when they're bundled together in gorgeous packages? 

For those looking to pamper yourself after this crazy year, value sets are a great way to explore new products of your favourite brand without having to splurge on the full price items!

To save you some time, we have put together a list of value sets we think would be the perfect present for your loved ones, and also for yourself. 

1. L'Occitane Happy Hands Kit Gift Set (30ml X 6)

L'Occitane - I am sure you've heard people sing their praises of this luxury french skincare brand for their Shea Butter Hand Cream. Beloved by many for their texture, scents, and moisturizing strength, one is sold every three seconds around the world!

This Happy Hands Kit consists of six 30ml shea butter hand creams in assorted scents.

  • 2X 30ml Shea Butter: L'Occitane's bestselling and most iconic edition, made with 20% organic shea butter;
  • 2X 30ml Lavender: Relaxing scent of Lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence;
  • 2X 30ml Verbena: Light and refreshing scent of Verbena extract from Provence.

Black Friday Special: S$ 92 S$ 73.60

Shop L'Occitane Happy Hands Kit Gift Set here

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2. SK-II Youth Mini Set 

I believe many of you are no stranger to this legendary Japanese beauty brand and its revolutionary Facial Treatment Essence that took the beauty world by storm.

Consisting of the three best-selling products by the brand, SK-II Youth Mini Set is great for those of you who are trying out for the first time.

 Each set is a simple routine of:

  • 1X 20g Facial Gentle Cleanser
  • 1X 30ml Treatment Clear Lotion
  • 1X 15g RNA Power Cream

If you or your loved ones have been wanting to experience SK-II's products before splurging on the full-sized products, start with this!

Black Friday Special: S$ 77 S$ 61.60

Shop SK-II Youth Mini Set here

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3. SK-II Gift Set 5pcs (w complimentary pouch)

A 3-step skincare routine is not enough for you? This super-value SK-II Gift Pouch Set is an entire 5-step beauty routine in one, consisting of:

  • 1X 30ml Treatment Clear Lotion
  • 1X 20g Facial Gentle Cleanser
  • 1X 15g RNA Power Cream
  • 1X 2.5g RNA Eye Cream
  • 1X Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask

What's more, it comes with a gorgeous red pouch for you to bring your beloved skincare wherever you go.

Black Friday Special: S$ 122 S$ 97.60

Shop SK-II 5pcs Gift Set here

4. Sulwhasoo Essential Duo Set

Buying a gift for a K-Beauty fan? Look no further. This comprehensive kit is also perfect for those looking for an introductory assortment of products from Sulwhasoo.

Each set includes full-size (125ml) Essential Balancing Water EX and (125ml) Essential Balancing Emulsion EX, together with:

  • 1X 15ml Essential Balancing Water EX
  • 1X 15ml Essential Balancing Emulsion EX
  • 1X 30ml Essential Overnight Sleeping Pack
  • 1X 5ml Essential Firming Cream EX

Black Friday Special: S$ 112 S$ 89.60

Shop Sulwhasoo Essential Duo Set here

5. The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Gift Set

Another amazing K-Beauty gift set exclusively for the festive season - the ultimate History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Gift Set, with seven products in total.

The Jinyulhyang collection by The History of Whoo is developed for women over the age of 35 with general skin types or people who have concerns about aging and dryness. This extraordinary set makes a great anti-aging skin care pack!

Inside this gift set:

  • Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Balancer 150ml + 20ml
  • Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Lotion 110ml + 20ml
  • Jinyulhyang Essential Revitalizing Cream 30ml
  • Jinyulhyang Essential Cleansing Foam 100ml
  • Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick in #25 15g

Black Friday Special: S$ 178 S$ 142.40

Shop The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Gift Set here

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6. Valmont Volume Gift Set

For the uninitiated, Valmont is a professional skincare brand often used in beauty spas and salons. The prices of their products are on the high side, but this might just be the perfect gift if you're looking to treat your loved ones to a spa experience.

This set includes:

  • V-Shape Filling Concentrate 5ml
  • V-Shape Filling Cream 150ml
  • V-Shape Filling Eye Balm 5ml

Black Friday Special: S$ 118 S$ 94.40

Shop Valmont Volume Gift Set here

See also: Valmont Lifting Gift Set / Valmont Lip & Eye Gift Set.7. Kérastase Bundle Sets

Enough talks about skincare sets. Let's not forget haircare! You might have seen this brand or heard your stylist talk about it on your trip to the hair salon. Kérastase is also a professional brand often featured in hair salons.

With different series for different hair concerns, each set is a bundle of one shampoo and its respective hair mask at the best value. For all you hair fanatics out there, you won't want to miss these.

Black Friday Special: S$ 125 S$ 100

Shop all Kérastase bundles sets here

8. Innisfree Perfumed Hand Cream Set (30ml X 3) - Coming Soon

Hand cream makes a great pandemic-era gift. All the washing and sanitizing can remove our natural skin barrier and dry out your hands. This Christmas limited edition hand cream miniature set is the perfect way to deliver the holiday spirit, with six different fragrances inspired by Jeju.

  • Guest House Laundry: A fresh and woody scent with notes of vanilla and flowers;
  • Yuja Tea: A sweet, citrusy scent that replicates the fragrance of a Yuja farm;
  • Pink Coral: A fresh scent that captures the fragrance of the sea sides of Jeju. 

Innisfree Perfumed Hand Cream Green Holiday Set coming this Christmas

9. Innisfree My Lip Balm Collection (15g X 2) - Coming Soon

Yet another great value gift set from Innisfree! This time, these babies focus on the lips. Trapped heat, humidity, and friction from the mask can irritate the skin and cause dry or chapped lips. These handy little lip balms will keep your beautiful lips hydrated throughout the day.

Each set consists of the most-loved colours of the new My Lip Balm range inspired by tea fragrances. A perfect gift package full of retro Christmas mood for your loved ones!

Innisfree My Lip Balm Collection coming this Christmas


Snag these great value sets for your loved ones as you head into the holiday season. Add to cart now!