Do You Really Need a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Do You Really Need a Facial Cleansing Brush?


Over the last few years, facial cleansing brushes took the industry by storm and emerged as the latest beauty and skincare tech must-have. However, do we really need a facial cleansing device? Are they really pore-perfecting godsends, or as damaging as rubbing sandpaper on your face? Read on to discover the various benefits of using a cleansing brush – and what makes FOREO the smartest skincare choice!

Are Your Hands Really Enough?

Everyone knows we need to keep our skin clean and free of makeup, dirt and oil every day. No doubt, washing your face with a little cleanser and your fingers probably get your skin pretty clean – but this falls short on two fronts: exfoliation and deep cleansing. For city-dwellers like us who are exposed to lots of polluted air, dry air-conditioned rooms, and humidity, these devices help to remove micro-particles and grime that our hands cannot.

The ability of a cleansing device to provide gentle exfoliation and thorough cleansing unclogs pores, removes impurities and dry skin, and prevents blackheads and future breakouts, leaving you with a smoother, healthier complexion.

Now that we understand the benefits of a cleansing brush, which device should we choose?

FOREO Luna mini 3

Choosing and investing in the right facial cleansing brush can be a real game-changer when it comes to properly cleansing skin. Since their launch in 2013, FOREO has shaken up the skincare sector. Many critics and dermatologists raved about the product, and its latest smart skincare device, the LUNA mini 3 is set to be just as covetable. Here’s why…

Cleanses in Just 60 Seconds

Making time for a deep cleanse can be tricky – especially after a heavy gym session. FOREO’s new Luna mini 3 is the ultimate post workout cleanse for a fresh and healthy glow. Using tiny, gentle T-sonic pulsations and extra-soft touchpoints, the device thoroughly whisks away pollution, dirt, oil and excess sweat, in only 60 seconds. Furthermore, its 12 intensity levels mean you can switch up your routine based on your skin’s needs that day.

Compact Design Ideal for On-The-Go

Smaller than previous FOREO cleansers, the Luna mini 3 is gym bag-friendly and perfect for an active lifestyle. It fits perfectly into jacket pockets and is the ideal size for slinging into your bag for a quick cleanse when time is at a premium.

Deep Facial Cleanse and Massage Without Any Irritation

Combining an ultra-gentle and hygienic cleanse with soft and hypoallergenic brushes, Luna mini 3 does not tug or pull on the skin. To ensure a deeper cleanse, the new sonic power of 8,000 pulsations a minute goes deep into our pores to remove sweat and bacteria built-up for a fast but thorough cleanse. Its petite size also enables us to clean those hard-to-reach areas, while the gentle pulsations boosts lymphatic drainage for vibrant and healthy-looking skin.

New Setting for the Time-Poor

The smart device also offers a 30-second glow boost mode to make cleansing easy even when you’re pushed for time. In just 30 seconds, it removes unwanted grime to prevent future breakouts and infections.

Improved Battery Life

One USB charge can provide up to 400 uses. In fact, this nifty little device can last you more than a year before it runs out of battery. It is also 100% waterproof with no replacement brush heads needed.

Available with An App for More Personalised Skincare Regime

The FOREO For You app automatically syncs your preferred cleansing setting to the device so you won’t have to constantly add them every time you use it. What’s more? You can use the app to track and locate your Luna mini 3 with its “Find My LUNA” feature, which will trigger a buzzing on your device. How smart!

Time to step up your skincare game. Get yours now!

FOREO’s LUNA mini 3 is available here at $203 (was $235)