Beauty Diary


  • We Found The 5 Best Moisturizers Out There

    If it’s not already, a moisturizer should be an essential part of your daily regime! Alongside a glass of water, juice and breakfast, a daily dose of a hydrating moisturizer is essential for starting the day at your very best. Not only is topping up on moisture levels vital for supple, healthy-lo... View Post
  • The Best Make-up Removers For Getting Everything Off

    The first thing we want to do when we step into our house after a long day is to take off our bras. Well, the first thing your skin wants you to do is to rinse away the day’s accumulation of dirt and makeup. What goes on, must come off; that’s non-negotiable.  Living in sunny Singapore require... View Post
  • Warning: Your Cleanser Could Be Causing Wrinkles

    What you don’t know — or think you do know — about your skin can sap its youthful luster. One particularly dangerous misconception: after a certain point, the damage is done — and can’t be erased. In reality, there are lots of simple, effective ways to minimize fine lines, erase dark spots, and... View Post