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The Best Make-up Removers For Getting Everything Off

The Best Make-up Removers For Getting Everything Off

The first thing we want to do when we step into our house after a long day is to take off our bras. Well, the first thing your skin wants you to do is to rinse away the day’s accumulation of dirt and makeup. What goes on, must come off; that’s non-negotiable. 

Living in sunny Singapore requires an arsenal of sweat, water and sun-resistant makeup to ensure your face doesn’t melt off, but removing it requires some heavy lifting. Before washing up with your daily cleanser, don’t forget to dislodge the stubborn makeup with a remover that’s designed to take off all those can’t stop, won’t stop formulas. UNT Aqua Pure 

Your most luxurious cleansing experience yet! Ultra-soothing with a sense of total satisfaction. This high-tech, hybrid water-based makeup remover strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness and comfort as it whisks away stubborn makeup. It deeply purifies and removes waterproof makeup effortlessly, further infusing moisture as it boosts the skin’s protective barrier. The best part? You can remove everything in a few swipes — no water required — and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

$29.90 (was $34), VIIMART.comCAUDALIE Makeup Remover Cleansing Water 

A perennial favourite among makeup junkies, this long-loved French make-up removing technology consists of a soap-free, micellar water that attracts and traps dirt, oil, and makeup to gently remove impurities and cleanse your complexion as it soothes, moisturizes and softens skin. There’s no need to rub for a thorough cleanse — just a quick swipe — and makeup easily clings to the formula. Being dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested, its appropriate for sensitive skin and eyes too!

$28 (was $32), VIIMART.comSULWHASOO Gentle Cleansing Oil 

An essential first step in your skincare regime for nurturing clear and healthier-looking skin, this gentle cleansing oil features the key ingredients of Korean traditional herbs to clear the skin and leave a brighter, and healthier complexion. With a refreshing sensation, it removes all kind of make-up and build-up on the skin. The delicate action of the oil quickly and gently dissolves make-up effortlessly, without overstimulating the skin.

$42 (was $50), VIIMART.comLANEIGE Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 

Enjoy wearing heavy make-up? Or are you in need of extra care for sebum and blackheads? This deep cleansing oil is the solution to all your woes! Infused with virgin Coconut Oil, it has the ability to remove heavy and water-resistant make-up without a trace. By refining and cleansing the insides of our pores, it further melts off sebum and blackheads, offering a detoxifying pore treatment for skin. 

$39 (was $48), VIIMART.comPOLA Estina Alvita Melty Clear Cleansing 

The Japanese aren’t lacking in the makeup removal sector either. Known to many Japanese women as the top 3 beauty brand in Japan, Estina Alvita is POLA’s premium skincare line that leaves skin glowing with renewed radiance, suppleness and vitality. This rich cleansing cream boasts of a smooth texture that melts onto skin to release pore-clogging dirt as it removes makeup effectively. Using the most advanced technologies, it energizes tired skin while improving skin transparency and complexion.

$125 (was $139),