V Block Spray 30ml

V Block Spray 30ml

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V Block Anti-Viral Spray is designed with antibodies to against Influenza Viruses and Coronaviruses.

Developed by MAZ World Ltd in collaboration with Zeal Cosmetics Inc. using suitable antibodies with organic, safe and cruelty-free method, the V-Block spray can bind viruses and neutralize over a period of time. It is effective by spraying to the hand, mask, frequent contact point such as door knob (virus will live longer on metal materials) and even spray in the air. The mist will become your unhidden shield against COVID-19 and Influenza.

Ostriches are unique for their longevity and their strong immune system. Prof. Yasuhiro Tsukamoto of Kyoto Pref. Univ. created the technology to extract naturally stronger reactive antibodies, enable us to create the world’s only preventive health product using the natural antibodies in mass volume.

Vol. 30ml | Designed for about 2+ months* use
*it can be varied depending on how much and how often use.