• THE HISTORY OF WHOO Whitening Skin Balancer 130ml

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Whitening Skin Balancer 130ml



The History’s of Whoo whitening formula, Gongjinhyang Seol is mild, whitening ingredient used by the royal courts to keep skin fair and clear. ‘Chilhyangpalbaeksan’ and Mother Chrysanthmum Extract have been added to protect the skin and enhance the internal functioning of the skin to provide care for concealed spots as well as skin dullness. It is an oriental medicine-based whitening line for the fundamental resolution of skin problems.
Bring a sense of refined purify to the complexion with The History of Whoo’s Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening Skin Balancer. Formulated with traditional royal Korean medicinal ingredients, this one contains 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' and 'Gamguksu' to brighten and whiten the skin.
This lightweight, fluid formula is created to enhance the efficacy and absorption of each subsequent step in the skincare routine.

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