• SULWHASOO Radiance Energy Mask 80ml

SULWHASOO Radiance Energy Mask 80ml



A sleeping mask, formulated with White Jade’s miraculous energy, helps created clear and smooth flawless skin. This restorative sleeping mask infuses the skin with the purifying energy of Jade, cultivated over thousands of years.
Jade, an emblem of precious Asian rarities, meets Sulwhasoo’s exclusive JadesphereTM technology JadesphereTM maximizes absorption by encasing precious. White Jade components in porous capsules, delivering thousands of years of purifying energy into the deep layers of the skin. Its purifying power cleanses and clarifies the skin JadesphereTM refines and optimizes Jade’s natural efficacies, helping to nourish damaged skin while removing impurities, to reveal smoother, more translucent skin by morning.
An offering of comfort with a breathable layer of protection and the scent of a deep and lush forest, this mask’s gentle texture wraps a breathable protective layer of moisture over the skin for deep hydration and comfort. The blended scent of mixed herbs and Sandalwood evokes the senses, as if walking through a deep and lush forest.