• SK II Facial Lift Emulsion 100g

SK II Facial Lift Emulsion 100g



Just like milk is good for your body, Facial Lift Emulsion is nutritious for your skin. With a unique blend of Pitera and Collagen Care Formula, it regulates the overactive collagen-network which means each time you smile (or frown), Facial Lift Emulsion will be working hard to keep any 'expression lines' from turning into nasty wrinkles.
SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion is designed to improve surface texture by regulating skin's natural collagen metabolism in 3 distinct ways: - Stablise the overative enzyme that destroys collagen.  Activate the skin's natural production of 'healthy' collagen. Strengthen the connection of skin's collagen network.
With its light milky texture, this daily anti-aging moisturiser is just the perfect choice to start your preventive efforts!
For all skin type (except oily or acne-prone skin)

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