• LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil 50ml

LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil 50ml



Creates a smooth moisturizing layer over skin for perfect hydration.
Small ‘hydro + oil’ drops will be formed when the product is well shaken. Moisture will be immediately absorbed deeply into skin as soon as it is applied while the oil film forms a smooth layer over the skin.
Oil derived from passion flower seeds contains linoleic acid, which is rich in essential fatty acids helps to protect the damaged skin moisture barrier.
Grape seed oil and naturally-derived vitamin E ingredient protects and effectively moisturizes skin that is dehydrated by the cold weather and other external environmental factors.
As the natural oils contained in the product are all naturally derived, their colors may differ depending on their harvest time or place of origin. Despite the variation in color, be assured that product effectiveness is not compromised and it is safe for use.

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