• LANEIGE Perfect Renew Essence Ex 40ml

LANEIGE Perfect Renew Essence Ex 40ml



Laneige Perfect Renew series comprises the best anti-ageing products.
An essence that alleviates early signs of aging and defines the facial contour. Treat uneven skin tone and lift your facial contour with this essence as it creates a protective layer on dry skin, leaving it moisturized, alleviating signs of aging, and giving skin a supple, younger look.
Skin-perfecting Ceramide Corrective Water replenishes thirsty skin and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to delay age-advancing dryness and dehydration lines. Powered by Bio-peptides, Vitamin E and Rice Bran Extracts, Skin Recharger Complex™ stimulates essential skin renewal and collagen production, softening fine lines and wrinkles while improving elasticity to reveal firmer, more supple skin. It is also formulated with Almond, Pomegranate and Cocoa Extracts to enhance lifting and improve skin’s health. 

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