• INNISFREE Whitening Pore Synergy Serum 50ml

INNISFREE Whitening Pore Synergy Serum 50ml



Squeezed tangerine solution for more refreshing, brighter skin. Sourced from fresh tangerines grown on Jeju Island and contains 6 kinds of flavonoids, to help make the skin look bright, clean and flawless. 
A synergy serum and ampoule that treats your skin tone, dark spots, and skin texture for clearer, brighter skin. Made by squeezing fresh tangerine peel harvested in Jeju Island, fresh Tangerine Peel Juice contains 6 types of citrus flavonoid for brighter, clearer skin. It brightens dull and uneven skin tone and inhibits melanin generation in skin to brighten dark spots and smoothen skin’s texture for flawlessly radiant skin.
The ampoule and essence mix as you pump and penetrates fast upon application to brighten your skin tone and dark spots.

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