• INNISFREE Eco Science Skin 120ml

INNISFREE Eco Science Skin 120ml



Just dab it on! Innisfree’s Eco Science collection boasts of Jejju seaweed with wrinkle-smoothing properties. The regenerative properties of ocean plants, rich in minerals and nutrients from Jeju island, promote skin vitality and enhances its natural self-defense system for a powerful anti-aging effect.
An organic anti-aging toner that uses pure extracts from Jeju sea plants that encourages skin regeneration from the inside. Comprising of anti-aging ingredients from Jeju’s natural sea mustard and gulfweed, it supplies rich vitamins and minerals to skin. Delivering moisture and a smooth protective layer to the skin, it creates a strong base for absorbing regenerative ingredients. 
It is an organic certified cosmetic, containing 99.77% natural ingredients and 10.45% organic ingredients, meeting the standards of the EcoCert by the France Organic Certificate Authority.

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