• HERBAL CARE Natural Herbal Shampoo Ginseng 330ml

HERBAL CARE Natural Herbal Shampoo Ginseng 330ml


The coconut-based shampoo contains cleansing substances that are exceptionally gentle on the hair and the scalp. It effectively cleans, purifies and nourishes the hair. Ginseng root, thanks to the multitude of biologically active ingredients it contains, it visibly strengthens and regenerates the hair, and provides hair follicles with energy and all the necessary nourishing substances. Additionally, the patented composition of micronized wheat protein moisturizes, provides oxygen, and rebuilds damaged hair structures. The Bio-Vital Complex restores hair’s vitality, softness and firmness.

Spectacular effects:

  • strengthened and beauty hair,
  • increased thickness, fullness and volume of hair,
  • reduced fragility and less split ends,
  • silky soft hair and full of vitality.

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