• HEAD & SHOULDERS Shampoo Cool Menthol 330ml

HEAD & SHOULDERS Shampoo Cool Menthol 330ml



Your hair is your crowning glory. This statement rings true for most people, and quite fittingly so. That being said, Head & Shoulders understands your hair needs. These shampoos are formulated to keep your hair bouncy, clean and smelling great all day long.
For Soft, Beautiful Hair Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo 675ML is designed to keep your hair 100% dandruff free. Besides dandruff protection, this shampoo provides full cleansing and moisturisation. Lightweight and mild, this shampoo can be used on a daily without causing any damages to your hair. Soft, light and easy to manage hair? This is the solution for all your hair needs!
Advanced Hair Technology Using advanced HydraZinc technology, it eliminates dandruff promising to save your hair and scalp free from dandruff forever. Dermatologists have established that regular usage of Head & Shoulders is one of the easiest and stress free ways to get rid of dandruff. The technology is also proven to reduce hairfall by 95%. Head & Shoulders offers a wide range of products that nurture your hair and for scalp care.
Fresh Scents The best part about the Head & Shoulders shampoo is that it smells fantastic! Fresh, zingy and rich, the shampoos smells nothing like what you’d expect from an anti-dandruff shampoo. Say goodbye to unpleasant aroma, Head & Shoulders keeps your hair smell amazing, soft and bouncy.

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