• AVENE Thermal Spring Water 300ml

AVENE Thermal Spring Water 300ml



At the heart of Avene’s brand lies a naturally soothing source for sensitive skin since 1743. Originating as pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral saltes, Avene Thermal Spring Water makes its 50-year journey through the Cevennes Mountains in Avene, France.

It gradually becomes infused with trace elements and sliicates, and comes in contact with an an ancient micro-organism. This remarkable biological property combined with the well-known mineral properties of Avene Thermal Spring Water ensures gentleness and tolerance, creating a unique double signature that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Over 150 stringent biological, pharmalogical and clinical studies have clearly demostrated the soothing, softening and calming benefits of Avene Thermal Spring Water.

With each spray, the Water released is pure and clear, as if you were drawing it directly from the spring.

1 bottle sold every 2 seconds worldwide!

Preservative-free. Hypo-allergenic. Non-comedogenic.

Spray on face as needed, let stand one moment and wipe with care.
Eau thermale d'Avène.

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