• BIOTHERM AQUASOURCE 48h Deep Hydration Cream 15ml

BIOTHERM AQUASOURCE 48h Deep Hydration Cream 15ml

This rich, deep hydration replenishing cream instantly quenches dry skin with intense moisturization for 48 hours, non-stop. 

Biotherm's exclusive Life Plankton™ cellular water is rich in 35 vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids to alllow hydration to penetrate as deep as 5 layers for intense and long-lasting hydration. Skin is ideally hydrated hour after hour, whatever the environment, for up to 48 hours for a healthy, radiant, plump and bouncy texture.

The uniquely fresh and light cream texture that melts on the skin. An invigorating fragrance of refreshing mint and citrus fruits combined with Jasmine and Musk to help awaken the sense every day. Skin is water-plumped, radiant as if newly moisturized.

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