• KOSESekkisei Duo (Day Essence + Emulsion) 20ml

KOSESekkisei Duo (Day Essence + Emulsion) 20ml



Kose Sekksei Day Essence SPF 25/PA+

A whitening essence with a 2-in-1 formula for a sunblock and a makeup base. It provides the essential daytime skin protection your skin needs while delivering whitening ingredients into skin. This ideal make-up base also helps foundation glides on easier and allows it to stay on flawless, for longer.

Formulated with a moisture-balance polymer to keep skin hydrated, it is also provides powerful sunscreen power against harmful UV rays and suppresses melanin production to fight aging.

Freshly scented, this non-sticky essence does not leave a white residue on skin.

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion

A quick absorbing, lightweight moisturizer with highly emollient formula that brightens and softens skin. It acts as a brightening emulsion that penetrates deep within the epidermis to create resilience and fullness, while leaving the skin's surface smooth.

Vitamin C suppresses melanin production to prevent age spots and freckles from sun exposure, as well as dryness and other skin problems. Polymer preserves ideal moisture balance and a pleasant freshness.

5 Oriental Herbal Extracts: Elecampane, Coix Seed, Moutan Bark, Melothria, Angelica for moist, translucent skin.

Highly emollient and refreshing, with a rich texture that never feels sticky.

Use after emulsion in the day, followed by foundation. Pump about 2 pumps and apply evenly onto skin. Use after lotion Apply 1-2 pumps onto cotton pad and gently apply on skin.
Angelica root extract (Whitens) • Coix seed extract (Whitens) • Melothria root extract (Whitens) • Honeysuckle Flower extract (Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory) • Paeonia Albiflora Root extract (Detoxifies)

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