• GUCCI Flora Gracious Tuberose Eau De Toilette 100ml

GUCCI Flora Gracious Tuberose Eau De Toilette 100ml



The prestigious Italian fashion house of Gucci launches a new collection of fragrances named Flora by Gucci Garden Collection. The collection includes five most important blossoms outlined on the legendary Gucci scarf designed for Princess Grace of Monaco. 
The idea is that each fragrance should reflect a facet of the same woman. The fragrances come in elongated hexagonal shaped bottles with transparent rather than gold stoppers.
This romantic fragrance embraces all aspects of the Tuberose’s loveliness: fresh green shoots, dew-sprinkled petals, and lingering sillage. The distinctively elegant flower is enhanced by violet leaves, while peach softens into the plant’s silken blossom. A base of white cedarwood and cistus enhances the impression of refined charm. The effect is a most gracious aura. The woman who wears this fragrance boasts a natural poise as she dances through life with a ballerina’s elegance. Her presence is a joy for all.
Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Peach Heart Notes: Tuberose, Orange Flower, Rose Base Notes: Cistus (Rock Rose), White Cedarwood

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