• POLA Whitissimo Facial Cream 30g

POLA Whitissimo Facial Cream 30g



For Dull skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, skin that has been overexposed to the sun, freckles.  Cream that helps the skin to ‘reset’ itself, recovering from daytime sun damage while you sleep. Contains brightening ingredients for Intensive care.
  • A gel type cream, rich with high-performance ingredients, coats the skin in a soft, soothing veil of moisture.
  • Wake up to bright, clear and beautiful skin.
  • Use at night after Milk or at any time skin requires extra nourishment

    Features & Benefits

    • Brightening Capsules’ work from the inside of the skin, creating luminous and radiant skin
    • Evens out the overall skin tone
    • Create smoother, even skin full of clarity
    • Protects against UV damage
    • Perfect for use with IPL and Microdermabrasion treatments
    • Includes highly effective, concentrated ingredients to prevent and control skin discolouration, pigmentation caused by pregnancy hormones, freckles, sun spots and uneven skin tone 
    Take a pearl-size amount and spread gently over the face. Apply generously to dry areas. Afterwards, cup the face with the palms, to help the cream penetrate in the skin.