Uriage: Experience Beauty from the French Alps

Uriage: Experience Beauty from the French Alps

Dubbed as one of the world’s leading dermo-cosmetic brands globally, Uriage responds to the needs of all skin types (including the most sensitive), regardless of age. Guardian of a unique active ingredient, it enables everyone to benefit from the dermatological virtues of its Thermal Water.

Originating from the French Alps, Uriage Thermal Water is packaged directly at the source, collected pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements. This composition makes it the most balanced of all Thermal Waters. In fact, Uriage Thermal Water is the only isotonic hydrating mist in the market. What does isotonic mean for your skin you ask? Isotonic water respects the size and integrity of our skin’s cells, which makes Uriage the only facial mist that you don’t need to dab off after spraying as its affinity to the skin is so close, it’s literally water for the skin.

URIAGE Thermal Water — Twin Pack

We love a good face mist like this! Constantly oscillating between air conditioned malls and offices to the humid outdoors in Singapore can wreak havoc on our poor skin, so we are definitely converts to facial misting. The simple, spray-and-go benefits of the isotonic water means that you can mist wherever you may be! As the mist dries it will provide skin with its continual benefits and minerals that our visages are crying out for.

$29.90, VIIMART.comURIAGE Thermal Micellar Water — Normal to Dry/Sensitive/Combination to Oily

Thanks to the unique properties of Uriage Thermal Water, these micellar waters are perfectly suited for removing makeup from all skin types as gentle, non-ionic surfactants act like magnets to effectively and gently eliminate all impurities from the skin. Depending on your skin type, each micellar water is enriched with different ingredients to enhance skin’s texture: 

$25 (was $27), VIIMART.comURIAGE Eau Thermale Water Serum

Equally imperceptible and comfortable, this moisturizing booster serum targets all the layers of the skin with its active ingredients to revive the thirstiest skin and deliver comfort, softness and radiance. Enriched with Uriage Thermal Water and other powerful moisturizing agents, it helps to recreate a moisturizing film on skin’s surface as it gradually releases the moisturizing agents that it contains.

$48 (was $52), VIIMART.comURIAGE Eau Thermale Water Eye Contour Cream

The smoothing effect of this hydrating eye cream is definitely a multi-tasker — it reduces the appearance of dehydration fine lines whilst reducing the appearance of dark circles for brighter eyes. Its fresh texture restores skin’s barrier effect whilst instantly illuminating and energizing the delicate eye contour area.

$33 (was $36), VIIMART.comURIAGE Eau Thermale Light Water Cream

Taking great care of your skin can be tough. Sometimes it gets dry easily, flakes, and itches. Other times, it’s even oily, breaking out as it overcompensates for dryness with too much serum. This ultra-light and non-greasy moisturizer provides a quick, effective hydration boost. Invigorating and instantly absorbed, it leaves skin soft and radiant all day long. As a bonus, its cooling properties further helps to soothe itchiness.

$32 (was $35), VIIMART.comURIAGE Bariesun Fair Tinted Cream SPF 50+

Perfect for when you’re running errands, or when you’re simply trying to nail the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, this lightweight, sunscreen fluid is ideal for those who wish to obtain an even skin tone whilst avoiding the sun (which we all do). Its non-greasy texture is formulated with a combination of 3 anti-UVA and –UVB filters that work in perfect synergy to ensure high protection against free radicals and UV rays.

$35 (was $38), VIIMART.com


Uriage is an exceptional brand. This is its universe. Now go and get your radiant glow HERE!