This Japanese Beauty Brand Will Change Your Routine Forever

This Japanese Beauty Brand Will Change Your Routine Forever

We love K-beauty, but their oldest and best kept traditions are only a couple decades old. The best Japanese beauty brands, on the other hand, are grounded in Japanese beauty secrets that date back centuries. Hundreds of years of skincare knowledge have led to an explosion of genius ingredients and innovative formulas, that, until recently, were nearly impossible to get your hands on locally.Ranked as the top 3 beauty companies in Japan (alongside Shiseido and Kanebo), POLA Skincare and Cosmetics has earned a global reputation for advanced, high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. It all started out when Mr Shinobu Suzuki formulated a cream specially for his wife in 1929. The formulation was so remarkable — even friends and neighbours became devoted customers! 

Since they’re luxurious, you can rest assured of the promised effect. In fact, we think these products would be good to use as a present to oneself for working hard every day as part of your daily precious skincare routine. Here are our recommended products to try:1. POLA Polissima Emollient Cream

Many Japanese women swear by POLA’s Polissima collection. Infused with Ginseng, it prevents fine lines from forming and improves the texture of the skin — and the Emollient Cream is no exception. This feathery-soft cream works all night long to restore youthful radiance and ensure effective skin recovery, whilst forming a protective shield that decreases moisture evaporation. Contrary to other creams that stings wounds, its magical powers even extends to healing skin after cuts and bruises. 

$125 ($140), VIIMART.com2. POLA Estina Alvita Vitalizing Milk I

To all our dear friends who have sensitive skin troubles, the Estina Alvita collection is your skin savior. With no artificial colors and fragrances, you can be sure about this! Extensively tested for hypersensitivity, this refreshing, velvety moisturizing milk delivers and locks nutrients to the skin, helping it recover from skin irritations and damages — with absolutely no greasiness at all. And even if you don’t have sensitive skin, we see no reason why anyone’d skip this (no one’s a fan of chemical-loaded skincare).

$142 (was $160), VIIMART.com3. POLA Whitissimo Wash Clear

We know how some “dark” the world of skin whitening can be, considering that some infamous labels contain harsh chemicals that bleach the skin, leaving ladies with lasting, irreversible damage to their skin. For all that desire brighter skin that’s full of clarity, this foaming cleanser removes dead skin and dirt clogged in pores. Its X-factor lies in its brightening capsules, that work from inside of the skin to prevent and control skin discoloration and pigmentation caused by pregnancy, freckles, sun spots and uneven skin.

$93 (was $110), VIIMART.com4. POLA B.A The Milk 

Created as an accomplishment of POLA’s latest technology, this silky soft treatment milk is the winner of 5 global beauty awards. Blending instantly into skin, it provides intensive anti-aging, reparative, nourishing and brightening care on all visible signs of aging; including loss of firmness and elasticity, dullness, discoloration and wrinkles — making it ideal for those wanting the very best. With a deep synergy absorption, skin is left smooth with an instant boost of plumpness, hydration and radiance.

$408 (was $510), VIIMART.com5. POLA D’Conditioning Lotion

Between weekend plans, family obligations, and that never-ending list of emails to answer, life is busy enough without having to find time to squeeze in an extensive skincare routine. Calling all busy (and lazy) ladies, this one’s for you. This lotion suppresses skin irritations and enlarged pores, creating clearer, smoother skin with each use. And have we also mentioned it contains natural botanical ingredients to repair aging damage? Drops of refreshing moisture penetrates into skin, providing moisture and instant skin brightening. Busy girls everywhere, rejoice! 

$92 (was $115),


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