The Drugstore Mask That We Buy Again and Again

The Drugstore Mask That We Buy Again and Again

Let’s talk about masking. The process of pampering your skin can be too time-consuming, too messy, too pricey — we get it. But whatever your excuse is for not using a face mask, we’re here to convince you otherwise and that slapping on a wet sheet is never a waste of time.

Face masks can be luxurious, fun, and at times completely necessary; and spending just 10 to 20 minutes with a sheet mask can reintroduce life into your skin and calm down irritated or fussy skin. Now, with all of that said, finding a decent mask doesn’t have to break the bank. Below, we have a found a line-up of single-dose skin-savers under $20 a pack (which are technically about $2 a sheet!), which can reinvigorate even the most tired skin without a hefty price tag — or the time commitment.DR.MORITA Intensive Hydrating Facial Mask

A continuous source of water for the skin, this light and breathable, sheet mask is infused with a high content of moisturizing essences from Hyaluronic Acid, Glycrrhizic Acid, and Vitamin B5. The skin feels nourished and moist with layers of moisturization that provide translucent skin.

$16.80 for a pack of 8 sheets, VIIMART.comDR.MORITA Intensive Whitening Facial Mask

Highly concentrated with Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Ceramides, this brightening sheet mask inhibits the growth of melanin and eliminates skin dullness whilst maintaining ideal hydration levels (speak about the best of the both words). Skin appears clearer, more radiant, translucent and even-toned.

$16.80 for a pack of 8 sheets, VIIMART.comDR.MORITA Q10 Royal Jelly Essence Facial Mask

Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the heart of this sheet mask lies in the highly moisturizing, Japanese Royal Jelly. Further infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, it supplies hydration to the skin, maintaining firmness and elasticity — all that while smoothing fine lines away!

$16.80 for a pack of 7 sheets, VIIMART.comDR.MORITA Repairing & Moisturizing Facial Mask

As the package suggests, this rendition is formulated with small molecules of Hyaluronic Acid to quickly penetrate within skin layers, achieving deep, water retention, which results in long-lasting moisture. Sake Yeast improves dullness and skin clarity as Collagen improves skin’s hydration levels and prevent skin aging.

$12.90 for a pack of 5 sheets, VIIMART.comDR.MORITA Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

The 3rd generation of Dr.Morita’s Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask now contains more Hyaluronic Acid than ever! Further infused with Ceramide, Marine Collagen, Seaweed and other natural, moisturizing ingredients, it ensures immediate, all-day hydration for your skin. Did we also mention it gives skin a glamourous and glowing complexion?

$19.80 for a pack of 10 sheets,


You’re already aware that spa treatments can be pricey, right? Opt for an at-home alternative with these sheet masks that have become beauty staples. Dr.Morita is now available online HERE!