Photogenic Skin Begins With Healthy Skin

Photogenic Skin Begins With Healthy Skin

With photo-editing apps at your fingertips, you can sort of fake flawlessness anytime these days. Picture not so perfect? Don’t worry, you can fix it with a few touches here and there. But why not challenge yourself to go for a #NoEdit and get the shot right the first time? We all want to look great in a photo, whether it’s a photo session during a special event, or the latest selfie for our social media feed. Yes, cosmetics and filters can do wonders, but think about it: what if you looked like that 24/7?

It might sound impossible to avoid any makeup or touch-ups and still look flawless. Not with Astalift — specialising in photogenic beauty, most folks might not know that it is owned by Japanese film giant, Fujifilm. What’s the big deal? Tapping on Fujifilm’s photo-processing expertise in film nanotechnology, Astalift developed nano-sized particles of its key ingredients to help skincare absorb better into the skin; making it an ideal match between the two. After all, what’s the point of a potent formula if it doesn’t absorb into our skin?

Furthermore, Astaxanthin, that prevents the colour fading of film from UV light can also be applied to our skin as a super-antioxidant against aging. In addition, did you know that the same collagen that’s great for our skin, actually makes up about half of the component in film? Now it all makes sense how Astalift can help you achieve a flawless, photogenic complexion even without the presence of cosmetics or filters. At your selfie service, Astalift Renewal collection is here to offer steps that will make you look (and feel) your best when the camera faces forward:Renewal Moisture Foam

The first step in every beauty regimen is always washing your face with a trusted cleanser. Enriched with skin-nurturing ingredients such as antioxidants and collagen, it cleanses and nourishes at the same time to leave skin feeling fresh, radiant and luminous always. Unlike other harsh cleansers, the creamy lather provides noticeably supple and smoother skin gradually with frequent usage.

$37.80 (was $42), VIIMART.comRenewal Moist Lotion

More than your regular lotion, this high-functionality toner is aimed at anti-aging care. Backed by scientific studies, Astalift discovered that many women have a trouble of decreased collagen production due to aging and frequent sun exposure. Infused with 3 varieties of collagen to enhance hydration, this skin-pampering toner also contains hyaluronic acid to help skin further retain moisture.

$57.60 (was $64), VIIMART.comIn-Focus Cellactive Serum

Think of it as a skin power up: part of Astalift’s prestigious offerings comprises of this beauty essence that restores skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Featuring 2 proprietary ingredients, Nano Astaxanthin CP+ and Nano Boswellin Acid, don’t be intimidated by their long names — the former repairs damage caused by ultraviolet rays while the latter prevents inflammation and has anti-wrinkle and skin healing benefits such as improving radiance and softness.

$199 (was $222), VIIMART.comRenewal Jelly Aquarysta

What’s not to love about this multi-tasking moisturizer that pampers both your skin and senses? It’s a star product of Astalift for a reason. This nutrient-rich, bouncy gel literally feels like a watery jelly that quickly absorbs with no stickiness or greasiness. Chock full of nano-sized antioxidants and ceramides, it fights against free radical damage to prevent signs of aging while replenishing skin’s moisture levels.

$133 (was $148), VIIMART.comPerfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++++

Given the hot and humid weather, some sunscreens just aren’t the most comfortable to wear. Thankfully, this is one that’s smooth yet light in texture without compromising on sun protection. In fact, the deep UV guard technology also provides an early prevention against dark spots and freckles. Plus, did we mention how we are amazed at its ability to control daylight’s reflection for a brighter complexion?

$61 (was $68),


Talk about smart skincare, we’re sure there is no other brand like Astalift who incorporates film technology to beauty products to deliver photogenic beauty. Ready for your best photo yet? Astalift is now available online at!