Made With Love, The Herb Farm

Made With Love, The Herb Farm

It turns out beauty is more than skin deep. The average person slathers nearly 10 different beauty products on his/her body daily — and since our skin acts like a sponge more than a barrier, we absorb approximately 100 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to. While many of these chemicals are safe in small doses, it is important to keep in mind that the average women uses skincare and wears makeup everyday. (See how a little dab here and there adds up?)

No one really knows how these chemicals in combination affect our bodies over time. Take for example: the infamous chemical — parabens, has the ability to mimic the activity of oestrogen, and oestrogen is commonly associated with breast cancer. In fact, research has shown that parabens have been found present in breast tumors.

Thankfully, not all products are created equal. The Herb Farm, founded by herbalist Lynn Kirkland, is a 100% natural, New Zealand skincare collection that is made on-site at a literal herb farm. What we love about The Herb Farm isn’t just only its handcrafted herb formulations — each product was specially formulated to suit the needs of different skin types, from combination/oily skin to even sensitive (duh, since its 100% natural)!  

 Here’s what to expect from The Herb Farm’s amazing formulations:THE HERB FARM Energising Gel Cleanser 

It’s hard to avoid an oily t-zone when you’re living in sunny Singapore. Fret not, as this lightly foaming facial cleanser effectively removes makeup and impurities to leave skin fresh and clean. It furthers heals blemishes and acne; helping to rebalance our skin natural oils for healthy glowing skin.

$39 (was $43), VIIMART.comTHE HERB FARM Rejuvenating Facial Toning Mist

This fresh, lightweight facial mist is the perfect perk-me-up in all humid conditions. Developed for all occasions, it effectively tones skin after cleansing to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. When spritzed throughout the day, it rehydrates and refreshes skin and make-up.

$36 (was $39), VIIMART.comTHE HERB FARM Light Jojoba Face Cream

Speaking from someone who has combination skin, it is pretty tough to find a moisturizer that keeps our skin non-shiny, yet hydrated. The search is over when we met this nurturing daily moisturizer that regulates sebum production and heals blemishes. Plus, it absorbs easily into skin, leaving a radiant (but-never-oily) finish.

$45 (was $49),

THE HERB FARM Revitalising Face Mask

It’s no doubt that this would make it on our lists. Masks, regardless of their form, are our favourite types of skin care to own! This exceptional cleansing mask removes pore-clogging impurities and assists with plumping skin, leaving fine lines less obvious. The rich clays and seaweed provides valuable nutrients and minerals for healthy, glowing skin.

$36 (was $39),


Make the switch to The Herb Farm today! When you slather your next Herb Farm skin care on, know that there is love and positivity in it — we think we can feel it there. To check out the full range of The Herb Farm online, visit HERE!