Korea’s Dermatology Skin Care At Its Finest: VANT 36.5

Korea’s Dermatology Skin Care At Its Finest: VANT 36.5

Here’s something new to add on to our K-beauty collection: air flown straight from Korea, is VANT 36.5! If you’ve ever travelled to Korea, you’ve probably came across this in Lotte Duty Free outlets of its airports. If not, we got it — not everyone has the time to travel, so we brought it to you, at the same great price!

 K-beauty products are everywhere, but what makes VANT 36.5 the superstar? Developed by a team of professional skin research individuals, the entire collection of VANT 36.5 is formulated to create perfectly, concentrated formulas that are able to be absorbed by our skin completely, at its optimum temperature of 36.5℃.

In the recent years, VANT 36.5 has experienced tremendous growth and it was a big hit among Korean make-up artists and celebrities such as actress Park Eun Hye. While it used to be sold and used exclusively at dermatology clinics that many celebrity clients visited, right now, it’s available on our sunny shores at VIIMART.com!

The brand strives to satisfy what they believe to be the 3 main requirements of skin care: effectiveness, skin stability and optimal concentration level. It uses only safe ingredients to help consumers achieve healthy and youthful skin whilst potentially removing harmful chemicals and preservatives in the skin caused by other harmful skin care formulations. As such, we’ve rounded up a few personal favourites you should try:1. VANT 36.5 One Essence

Nowadays, multi-functional skin treatments are a requirement, if not a necessity, for busy ladies everywhere. This highly enriched, 2-in-1 toner and essence restores the skin’s Ph balance while soothing and moisturizing skin. Infused with aloe vera leaves — which boasts of a similarity with our skin’s cell wall, it ensures optimal skin absorption. Free of parabens and artificial pigments, the brand’s No.1 bestseller ensures you’re definitely in good hands. 

$64 (was $72), VIIMART.com2. VANT 36.5 Air Touch CC Cushion 

While it may look like your ordinary K-beauty cushion compact, this CC cushion provides sun protection of SPF 40 PA++++, cooling, hydration and make-up effects with 0% harmful skin ingredients. It adheres closely to the skin — it’s literally ‘second skin’ — except much better. Lightweight yet highly moisturizing, it gives skin a glowing finish whilst concealing skin blemishes naturally, with an air-like light, silky application.

$30 (was $35), VIIMART.comavailable in Light Beige and Natural Beige3. VANT 36.5 Advanced Moisture Cream

Doubling up as a face and body moisturizer, this water-drop moisture cream is infused with rich, natural, moisturizing components such as Hyaluronic Acid, Apples and Rice to form a moisturizing shield on your skin as you go about your day; preventing dryness whilst retaining moisture beneath the skin’s layers. With a long-lasting moisture effect, skin experiences non-stop hydration. 

$52 (was $59), VIIMART.com4. VANT 36.5 Camellia Inner Oil

For extra pampering, we look towards this deeply nourishing and hydrating natural essence oil. Unlike other facial oils which take ages to absorb, this fermented, camellia seed oil contains components that are similar to the human skin, allowing for quick absorption. In additional to camellia oil itself, this facial oil is infused with a variety of antioxidants and vitamins to hydrate and nourish the skin, achieving a smooth and radiant glow. 

$43 (was $49), VIIMART.com5. VANT 36.5 Think Your Face Whitening Care Mask

We’ve all heard of horrors about whitening skincare, about how much toxic chemicals they contain. Thankfully, this whitening sheet mask satisfies your desire for beauty and gives you significantly radiant, younger skin without any chemical formulations. Infused with Niacinamide to keep skin radiant and fair, Pomegranate and Damask Rose moisturizes and soothes skin that’s dehydrated and dull from daily, stressful life. 

$40 for a pack of 6 sheets (was $45), VIIMART.com


Another thing we really loved about VANT 36.5 is the range of product collections they offer, each to suit different skin types and concerns. The best part — you can expect their products to be packed with skin-friendly ingredients that are safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones! Shop VANT 36.5 exclusively in Singapore HERE!