It’s Time To Stop Nasties, Start Organic

It’s Time To Stop Nasties, Start Organic

Work out, live well, eat healthy — a routine you’d do daily to feel good, to look good, and to have great skin. But wait… what about what you put on your skin? If your skin could talk, would it say “I may look good but I’m congested with nasty chemicals?” or “It’s clean and natural; I’m glowing and I feel great.” If you find yourself stuck with the former, it’s time to think about what you put on your skin — stop nasties, start organic!

Research shows that the average woman wears up to 515 synthetic chemicals on her body everyday without knowing, and 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies (think nasty ingredients like parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc.)! These additives have been associated with cancer, hormone problems, skin conditions and allergies, and the issue is, a lot of these health impacts are long-term.

Born in Ardèche, the south of France, Melvita is a defender of natural beauty that offers the purest of nature for over decades. As one of the pioneers in the world to gain the French Ecocert and Cosmebio certification, the quality of each product is assured — at least 99% of the product is derived from natural ingredients, and the use of nasty chemicals, preservatives, and other genetically modified ingredients are not allowed. A pleasure to use, Melvita is full of beautiful discoveries, dedicated to your well-being in a natural way. Here are some of our organic favourites to start with:

MELVITA Nectar de Roses Fresh Cleansing Milk

This deliciously fresh lotion gently removes makeup and impurities, to leave skin feeling as soft as a petal. Enriched with wild rose petals and rose floral water with moisturizing properties, it cleanses naturally and gently without drying the skin. Formulated without soap, it further eliminates impurities, make-up and traces of pollution while protecting the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

$40 (was $48), VIIMART.comMELVITA Floral Bouquet Gentle Cleansing Jelly

Any skincare guru will tell you that cleansing is the most important first step in taking care of your skin. Thanks to its delicate foaming texture, this gel cleanser gently removes accumulated dirt and impurities without that dry, uncomfortable feeling. With moisturizing rose floral water and skin-softening orange blossom floral water, it leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

$40 (was $48), VIIMART.comMELVITA Organic Floral Waters (Damask Rose/ Lavender Officinalis)

With lots of different uses, these refreshing spritzes aren’t just used for keeping cool in this heat — they also provide the skin with extreme comfort and protection, helping to set makeup, tone your skin and are alcohol-free. Known for its moisturizing properties, the Damask Rose is ideal for fighting against dehydration and regenerating the skin. The Lavender Officinalis boasts of purifying and re-balancing virtues, making it perfect for controlling the oil-moisture ratio of our skin.

$29 (was $33),


Let your organic and clean beauty routine with Melvita begin at! You may question — why make the switch? The reason’s simple: it’s about a lifestyle change for better health and naturally beautiful skin.