Hollywood’s Best Kept Beauty Secret Revealed: GlamGlow

Hollywood’s Best Kept Beauty Secret Revealed: GlamGlow

GlamGlow has been getting a lot of hype this year, and you might have already heard about how much beauty enthusiasts love them. In fact, there’s no way you could not know about GlamGlow. At one point, these metallic masks have likely flooded your social media feed. That’s part of the appeal of the GlamGlow collection, which is best known for its mud masks, like fan-favorites SuperMud, YouthMud, and FlashMud. It’s all about the glamour, which is no surprise considering the brand’s Hollywood roots.

Really, the entire brand grew out of Hollywood. Founded by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, the story began when an actor friend confided in them that he could not find a product that made his skin instantly diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines, and produce a noticeable glow (a.k.a camera-ready). No one knew of one product that could do that — which is why Glenn and Shannon set out to formulate their own. Once they had samples of their first mask, they handed it out to celeb friends and Hollywood starts basically acted as their guinea pigs. Everyone began asking for it, including early fans like Miley Cyrus and Nina Dobrev.

Are you ready to get glamorous and glowing skin? Here’s a list of GlamGlow’s signature and best-selling items you could not miss:GLAMGLOW YouthMud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Hollywood stars may seem like they have the best job ever, but their long days on set can wreak complexion havoc. Originally designed as a 10-minute professional ‘facial in a jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries, YouthMud® provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer resulting in immediate camera-ready glowing skin for men and women.

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.comGLAMGLOW SuperMud® Clearing Treatment

We wouldn’t mind getting our hands dirty. But our faces? This tub of SuperMud® is literally a supermud. Featuring GlamGlow’s most advanced clearing treatment with Activated-X Charcoal to attract toxins and dirt from the deepest and toughest areas, this mud mask helps fight common skin concerns for super clear, super poreless skin. Visibly see your pore congestion pull-out and encapsulate within the mask (we kid you not).

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.comGLAMGLOW FlashMud® Brightening Treatment

Dark spots, dullness and uneven skin don’t stand a chance against this powerhouse face mask. Packed with potent ingredients including quartz microspheres, sun-dried white blanche clay, ultra-fine diamond powder and skin-balancing white birch leaf; they all work together for a visibly luminous complexion. As it gets to work, you’ll notice that the formula transitions from white to translucent — a sign your skin is absorbing all the good stuff.

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.comGLAMGLOW ThirstyMud® Hydrating Treatment

When our throat is feeling parched, we reach out for a tall glass of water (or our favourite refreshing juice). And when our complexion is especially thirsty, we treat it to this powerfully hydrating mask. Using GlamGlow’s most advanced hydration technologies, it is infused with hyaluronic acid, raw honey and ginger root to provide immediate, deep hydration and seal in moisture to enhance skin’s radiance and suppleness.

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.comGLAMGLOW GravityMud® Firming Treatment

Upgrade your everyday routine with this out-of-the-world, innovative mud treatment. This luxurious peel-off mask is powered with potent yet gentle ingredients to leave skin firm, toned and refined. It blends marine algae, Icelandic kelp, and glacial clay to help skin feel tighter and more resilient without any irritation. Our favourite part? The fact that the formula transitions from white to a brilliant chrome — delivering toned, sexy contours.

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.com


Even if you don’t have aspirations to fame, you’ll love the way these GlamGlow mask gets rid of all the junk clogged in your pores without leaving skin dry. Experience extraordinary skin treatment of a Hollywood star right here at VIIMART.com!