9 Trendiest Beauty Products You Have to Try in 2019

9 Trendiest Beauty Products You Have to Try in 2019

What does 2019 have in store for us? A whole bunch of beauty recommendations, it seems! After all, we can never have too many beauty products to try and here at VIIMART we have the lowdown on this season’s trending beauty products, from super affordable to totally worth it high-end products in the market.

Of course you don’t have to be a huge collector to try these beauty products, but it’s always beneficial to stay in the loop because beauty brands are constantly coming out with better products. With new formulations, new shades, new packaging and design, there is always a new product to be excited about — you just have to choose the good apples from the bad apples.

This list is a compilation of all the best-selling skincare products women have loved in 2018 that you definitely have to try in 2019… if you haven’t already that is:FRESH Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

The colour connoisseurs have declared ‘Living Coral’ as Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited. Show your lips some major love with this tinted lip treatment that’s loaded with an exclusive blend of moisturizing ingredients like grapeseed oil and sugar — plus essential SPF protection.

$34 (was $36), VIIMART.comLANCOME Advanced Genifique Eye Light Pearl

If rich eye creams are too heavy for your taste, this eye serum booster might be just right for you. Combining the science of Genifique with a never-seen-before-pearl-shaped applicator, this unique formula immediately makes skin around the eye contour appear firmer, more rested with a reduction of fine lines and eye bags.

$93 (was $120), VIIMART.comCLARINS Tonic Body Treatment Oil

It’s no surprise Clarins’ bestselling firming body oil would be on our list. Especially recommended for use during dieting and pregnancy, this 100% pure plant formula helps firm, tone and improve elasticity to smooth the appearance of stretch marks. Hazelnut oil also helps to lock in moisture to leave skin soft, satiny-smooth and elastic.

$79 (was $90), VIIMART.comBELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb

A cult favourite of those in the Korean beauty scene, this super lightweight, oil-free  moisturizer floods the skin with a rush of refreshing hydration for smooth and supple skin. The formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including antioxidant-rich lady’s mantle to help neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and minimizes the appearance of pores.

$75 (was $86), VIIMART.comMAMONDE Rose Water Toner

There’s a reason why roses (and rose beauty products) are synonymous with beautiful skin, and it’s definitely an ingredient one not soon forgotten. Comprising 90.89% Bulgarian Damask Rose water that’s lovely for soothing and hydrating your skin while cleansing away leftover impurities, you’ll be on your way to rosy skin in no time.

$19 (was $22), VIIMART.comSK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

A classic — but still trending for a good reason. This foaming cleanser has a fine-textured lather that gently cleanses impurities around and inside pores while enveloping your skin with silky smoothness. Formulated with SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera™ and skin-conditioning ingredients, it takes your skin to the next level of crystal clear.

$73 (was $93), VIIMART.comGLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

With its chic packaging, Hollywood appeal, and skincare formulations your skin will thank you for, Glamglow has became a rising star in the beauty industry. Designed as an on-set ‘instant facial’ thanks to a mix of minerals and clays that work to gently exfoliate, brighten and tighten in as little as 10 minutes, it leaves skin immediately smoother and brighter.

$83 (was $88), VIIMART.comBIODERMA Sebium H2O

The combination-to-oily skin version of French favourite Bioderma Sensibio H2O, this non-rinse, micellar water cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanses and removes makeup without drying out the skin. Plus point? Enriched with ultra-purifying active ingredients, it regulates and limits sebum secretion to prevent pores from getting clogged.

$29 (was $41), VIIMART.comASTALIFT White Perfect Clear UV Solution SPF 50+

Wouldn’t it be convenient if a product could tell you when to SPF up? Talk about smart skincare, this all-in-one sunscreen, beauty essence and makeup base will tell you when UV rays are present, and that you need SPF protection. The cap of this sunscreen is designed using a UV sensitive material that changes from transparent to purple when exposed to UVA rays (the scary skin-aging sort of rays).

$64 (was $72), VIIMART.com