4 Must-Have Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

4 Must-Have Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

When it comes to Asian beauty products, Japan know what’s best. Luxury labels like SK-II and Shiseido have been huge players in the Japanese beauty game — but honestly, it’s the drugstore stuff that keeps us coming back. If you’ve ever had a chance to step into a Japanese drugstore, you’ll know what we mean. Aisles are packed of beauty products, it’s crazy, but we’ve managed to narrow down the most sought-after beauty products in Japan, loved by people from all walks of life.

Grounded in Japanese beauty secrets that date back decades, years of skincare knowledge have led to an explosion of genius ingredients and innovative formulas that, until recently, were nearly impossible to get your hands on stateside. Here are 4 Japanese skincare products that you must not miss (no plane ticket required):BIHAKU no BIJIN Whitening Peel Gel

This brightening exfoliator is an easy and slightly gross way to get clean skin. As a medical-grade skincare, the gel comprises of active whitening ingredients to deeply cleanse skin, remove dead epidermal cells, inhibit melanin production and prevent age spots and freckles. By gently massaging the gel onto skin, small, filmy balls of gunk come to the surface (supposedly, beads of dead skin cells) as skin appears clearer and brighter instantly.

$16 (was $18), VIIMART.comSAKURA Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser

Free of parabens, fragrance and colorings, this gentle daily cleanser is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin! Infused with Sakura essence extracted from the leaves of Someiyoshino and volcanic ash particles from the Kagaoshima volcano, it boasts great absorption power and impurities removal properties. Fortified with natural plant ingredients, it provides anti-inflammatory and brightening effects.

$22 (was $25), VIIMART.comSILKY VEIL Bright Pack

This might just be the brightening cream of your dreams. With naturally instant whitening abilities, this skin brightening pack has the ability to turn one into Snow White upon application (we’re not kidding). Developed for all skin types, this rinse-off pack is blended abundantly with both moisturizing and whitening beauty ingredients that promises to restore fairer skin to the face and body for up to 12 hours — in just 5 minutes.

$23 (was $25), VIIMART.comH2 Hydrogen Skin Spot & Wrinkle Care Cream

Developed exclusively for dark spot concerns, this revolutionary targeted treatment features a patented unique technology of incorporating hydrogen into skin upon contact. Safe and gentle on sensitive skin even, the hydrogen works as an antioxidant, along with other natural ingredients such as vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, olive oil, jojoba oil and wild rose oil to prevent skin oxidation and tackle aging concerns such as discolorations and wrinkles.

$23 (was $25), VIIMART.com


Take a tour of these niche novelties, and you might just discover a holy-grail formula that you didn’t even know existed. After all, Japan is renowned for its groundbreaking science and innovative technology! Once you’ve decided on your new thrill, you’ll find it right here in VIIMART.com, waiting patiently for you.