Jinyulhyang common ingredients: Peony extract (Peony root, walnut and other ingredients extract): Regulating the skin, brightening.  Safflower extract (Ginseng, red clover, Lithospermum, yeast, etc.): Improving dry skin, firming.  Complement extract (Pomegranate, Cimicifuga, Japanese yam, etc.): Improving the skin condition, brightening. Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick  Hongyu Baisan: Made of red jade paste and white sand soil. It makes the skin moist, firm and elastic, and improves the skin tone.  Vitality Wuhuajin: It is extracted from five kinds of flowers, such as bell orchid, chrysanthemum, lotus, peony and plum blossoms, to improve the skin's complexion and enhance vitality.