How To Use

  1. Open the sachet.
  2. Carefully unfold the mask.
  3. Spray GLACIAL SPRING WATER all over the face.
  4. Remove the mask from its packaging.
  5. First fit it to the eye area, observing the designed shape.
  6. Then gently stretch the mask to cover the entire face.
  7. Begin with one half of the face, then the other.
  8. Finish by fitting it to the forehead and carefully remove any air bubbles using your finger or a flat spatula.
  9. Leave the mask for at least 30 minutes before removing.
  10. Immediately apply the COLLAGEN POST TREATMENT vial.
  11. Finish the treatment with a suitable face cream.
  12. Can be used once a month as a preventive treatment or once a week for aged skin and damaged skin due to dryness.