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It is our way of say thanks for being part of our journey. Our newly revamped loyalty
program now gives you even more ways to earn points for dollars off your purchases and
exclusive beauty perks. It’s free to join and every dollar spent gets you a point closer to
beauty paradise — the more you earn, the more beautiful life gets.
How does it work?
Register for a VIIMART account or login to your existing customer account to access the rewards. Earn VIIMART Points every time you shop (one point with every dollar spent) and redeem them for money off your next order or discounts and free shipping.  
“Score” is the unit which defines your player level (tier), “Point” is your internal currency, used to redeem vouchers and discounts.

How do I level up?
You can level up each tier by collecting “Stars” from events and challenges.

How do I spend my VIIMART Points? How do I redeem?
You can redeem your VIIMART Points at your cart page; not the checkout page. First make sure you are logged into the shop with the email where you are receiving rewards program notifications. If you don't have an account attached to that email, create one here. Then, head over to your cart and click on the “Rewards” below. Select “Redeem Now” under “Points”. You may then choose to redeem discount codes directly, or adjust the number of points you’d like to redeem from your account – 1 Point is worth 1 SGD.

How do I get more VIIMART Points?
Please check our list of rules below for more information on how to earn more VIIMART Points. Click here to check your point summary.
Create an Account – 50 Points
Complete Profile – 50 Points
To be eligible for these points, you must (1) provide a first and last name, (2) provide an active and valid email address
, (3) provide your birthday*, (4) provide a password, and (5) phone number.
*must be provided to be eligible for birthday perks.
Review a Product – 50 Points
Write a product review through any product page, and you’ll be credited with 50 points for each review.
Leave 5 reviews to earn the Rookie Reviewer badge and 50 Stars; 10 reviews to earn the Senior
Reviewer badge and 75 Stars; and finally, 50 reviews will get you The Guru badge with 100 Stars.
Leave us a Review – 200 Points & 100 Stars
Leave us a Google review here and 200 points & 100 stars will be credited into your account accordingly.
Like us on Facebook – 150 Points & 75 Stars
Like and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates, launches and exclusive deals. You can find the button at the lower right side of your screen when you’re logged in.
Follow us on Instagram – 150 Points & 75 Stars
Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates, launches and exclusive deals. You can find the button at the lower right side of your screen when you’re logged in.
Follow us on Twitter – 150 Points & 75 Stars
Follow us on Twitter to share your shopping experience with us!
You can find the button at the lower right side of your screen when you’re logged in.
Share us on Facebook / Twitter – 200 Points & 100 Stars
Enjoy shopping with us? Give us a shout-out on your social media! Find the Share button at the lower right side of your screen when you're logged in. Share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and get 200 Points & 100 Stars.
Share Your Purchase on IG Story – 3x Purchase Points
After you’ve received your order, share your VIIMART hauls with your friends through your Instagram Story! Let them know of the amazing deals and great savings you found here at Remember to tag us @viimart.official. You may choose to public your account so we can receive the notification! If you do not wish to do so, you can also send us a screenshot of your story. Once we’re notified/informed, three times the points from your latest order will be credited to your account, i.e. an order of $150 will earn you 450 points in total!
Refer a Friend – 1000 Points & 400 Stars
Enjoying money-saving beauty deals here at VIIMART? Sharing is caring! Let your family and friends know of so they won’t have to break their banks to feed their beauty obsession.
To do so, simply copy your unique referral link and send it to a friend, or share it using the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email icons. When they make a qualifying first-time purchase, you’ll get 1000 Points and 400 Stars for EACH friend you refer us to! No worries, your friends would also have 1000 Points credited into their accounts.
Additional Challenges/Badges
You can also earn points and stars from event-based challenges, such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. There are more badges and special challenges to come – remember to check your rewards page, or join our newsletter or follow us on our social media pages to stay informed!