• VANT36.5 Sun Day Cream 50ml

VANT36.5 Sun Day Cream 50ml



VANT 36.5 products are the embodiment of perfect harmony of technology and ingredients to counter substances harmful to skin and assure safety and effectiveness, protecting skin from unnecessary irritation. A creation of ceaseless research and technology development for healthy skin, it realizes everyone’s dream for vibrant skin.
Each cosmetic product of VANT 36.5 is created in the optimal concentration and type for the active ingredient to be well absorbed. It has passed through thorough testing to satisfy the three requirements of cosmetics: product safety, skin safety and effectiveness.
This daily sun cream provides perfect protection from harmful UV rays. Moisturizing and refreshing, this hydrating sunblock has a smooth texture that naturally conceals blemishes. With a tinted, natural skin colour, it blends perfectly into skin to suit all different types of skin tones.