• VANT36.5 One Essence 120ml

VANT36.5 One Essence 120ml



VANT36.5 products are the embodiment of perfect harmony of technology and ingredients to counter substances harmful to skin and assure safety and effectiveness, protecting skin from unnecessary irritation. A creation of ceaseless research and technology development for healthy skin, it realizes everyone’s dream for vibrant skin.
Highly enriched essence tones the skin by restoring the skin’s pH balance and also has soothing and moisturizing effects. Formulation such as aloe vera leaves are selected due to its similarity with skin’s cell wall, increasing skin’s absorption.
Paraben-free. Artifical pigment-free.
After face wash apply right amount gently on the face 
Aloe vera leaf extract, HECF (epidermal growth factor), vegetable placenta oil.

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