• UNT Royal Cotton Nutri-Repair Refreshing Toner 200ml

UNT Royal Cotton Nutri-Repair Refreshing Toner 200ml



Infuse your skin with luxurious energy from the Divine Powers of Cotton!
Is your skin over-worked? When you are continuously living a fast, busy lifestyle and have no time for yourself, it can take a toll on your skin. This happens without even revealing your true age.
Sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal changes, unbalanced diet, fatigue etc. can make the skin rough, dull and filled with fine lines, making you look older than you are. This condition is known as inflamm’aged skin.
Cotton Leaf Cell Extract provides 360° complete solution to protect, repair, renew and nurture dull, fatigued, inflamm’aged skin. Day after day, your skin becomes more resilient, supple and energized.
Handpicked at the break of dawn for the purest leaves, pollution and toxin free to undergo an advanced and stringent technology for the most potent, active cell extract used in the Royal Cotton Collection.
Refresh your senses with this ultra gentle toner is ideal for skin that is distressed and looks fatigued. With over 90% ingredients of natural origins, it delivers exceptional effectiveness to fight external aggressions caused by living fast, busy lives. 
This toner is so gentle that it is suited for even the most sensitive skin.
Use day and night daily, after cleanser. Apply desirable amount over face and neck. Pat lightly until fully absorbed.