• UNT Floraison 150ml

UNT Floraison 150ml



This newly innovated brightening cleansing oil removes the most stubborn makeup within 30 seconds without oily residue or drying out the delicate skin.  
Floraison leaves the skin smooth, bright, and silky like porcelain. It contains the newly invented micro-emulsifying formula which removes all makeup, even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, thoroughly and quickly without greasy residue. 
Formulated with nutrients Prunus Serrulate Flower Extract (Cherry Blossom), Pearl Barley, and Ceramide 3, Floraison nourishes your skin while it cleanses. It also rejuvenates and hydrates the skin, leaving the skin moisturized, nourished and more radiant.
The ultra gentle formula does not sting or irritate the eyes. 
Let Floraison dote and adore your skin to porcelain complexion.