• UNT Ex White Nettoyant 100ml

UNT Ex White Nettoyant 100ml



Brighten up your day with EX White Nettoyant. See your blemishes and worries washed away in an instant! 

This ultra-refreshing cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanses and refines while brightening the skin. Specially formulated with effective ingredient m-Tranexamic Acid to aide your anti-spot regimen, this is the ideal luxurious, hydrating wash for lackluster complexion. 

To further soften and brighten dull skin, precious Pearl Extract is added to nourish and protect skin from environmental debris and dryness. 

Containing 28% Amino Acids to retain moisture, EX White Nettoyant lathers into fine foaming micro beads that go into every pore to swipe away dirt, dissolve impurities and remove any pore-clogging debris without parching the skin. 

This rich cream cleanser also infuses skin with Ceramide II to help strengthen skin's protective barrier to maintain moisture level and fight against aging and outside pollutions. 

This advanced radiance formula is the perfect start to achieving hydrated, luminous and vitalized skin. Jump start luminous vitality now and get perfectly supple skin! 

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