• UNT Aqua D'Energie 60ml

UNT Aqua D'Energie 60ml



Revitalize your skin with deep penetrating moisture and multi-relief nutrients.

A dynamic hydration emulsion that moisturizes the skin’s surface while reaching deep into the skin layers with a high concentration of active nutrients.
This emulsion boosts hydration and firmly retains moisture with advanced Hyaluronic Acid. It combines cells of multiple properties to reach different skin layers. Therefore it is very effective in strengthening cell functionality and vitality. 
The formula contains Syn®-Hycan to increase hyaluronan production. Syn®-Hycan acts as a filler with remodeling effects for total rejuvenation. These effects deliver strong firming and repairing actions and locks in moisture from the deepest skin level to the surface.
To further nourish and revitalize dehydrated, lackluster skin, precious Royal Jelly is added to fight aging, inflammations and loss of nutrients. Its extensive range of amino acids, minerals and vitamins turns red, blotchy complexion to an appearance of vitality and suppleness. 
Jojoba oil also helps boost the self-repair mechanism to fight dryness so that the skin is progressively revived with each use. 
With a rich complex of herbal essences in the formulation, this extreme hydration emulsion also soothes and restores the pH of the skin and alleviates signs of stress, damage, and sensitivity.
This light-weight and nutrient-charged emulsion is absorbed deeply and fortifies the skin with hydration and vitality 24 hours a day to regain radiant, healthy skin.

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