• UNT Aqua Deluge Intensive 35ml

UNT Aqua Deluge Intensive 35ml



New skin-filling moisturizing serum. Self-adapts to skin needs for lasting super hydration and firming repair.
UNT's best-selling aqua serum has been continuously upgraded over the years to always bring the most advanced hydration care. This latest Aqua Deluge Intensive is designed to adapt to varying seasonal needs for all skin types. 
A groundbreaking formula, Aqua Deluge Intensive blends maximum moisture and a powerful skin regenerative technology for everlasting supple, youthful skin.
Ultra Filling Spheres™ is a system that cross-links micro-sized Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Root Extract to achieve superior water retention capacity. Like a sponge, the spheres deliver super-abundant moisture deep into the skin and retain it from evaporating. As a unique property, the spheres increase in volume when they hold water. As a result, the skin is plumped from within and looks smoother and more radiant.

The revolutionary Syn®-Hycan boosts Hyaluronic Acid synthesis in the cells to increase skin’s self-hydration. The use of Marula Oil and Royal Jelly further enhances skin regeneration and collagen synthesis to impart additional firmness for an overall remodeling effect.

Rich in texture, Aqua Deluge Intense brings long-lasting hydration and nourishing repair to all skin layers. Use with Aqua line for smooth, springy skin immediately and over time.