• UNT Acne Clear 10ml

UNT Acne Clear 10ml



This medicated fast-acting spot treatment deeply penetrates pores to normalize skin by combating existing blemishes while also helping to prevent future acne.
Acne Clear treats acne and blemishes in 3 fast-acting steps: accelerates healing cycle of inflamed pores, reduces pore sizes and, inhibits and lighten scars.

Activated with 2% high efficacy salicylic acid and fortified with Azelaic Acid, Acne Clear works both as a keratolytic and comedolytic agent to cause skin cells to shed more quickly and unclog pores. 
With the addition of Natural Herbal Complex, this concentrated gel offers immediate calming effect for flare-ups and redness while accelerating the healing cycle of inflamed pores. 
The powerful formula not only clears acne, it also neutralizes remnant acne bacteria and constricts pore diameter to promote smooth and clear complexion. 
Use in conjunction with Acne Control MD Toner and Acne Med for a complete acne fighting treatment.
Start clearing acne with Acne Clear!

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