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  • LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream Set

LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream Set



LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream 50ml
A gel-type moisturizing cream that lowers skin temperature as soon as it touches skin, while supplying ample moisture. 

LANEIGE Water Bank Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture 25ml
A moisturizing toner that works wonders on skin to replenish optimal moisture and refine skin, leaving it clean and moisturized.

LANEIGE Water Bank Essential Balancing Emulsion Moisture 25ml
A moisturizing emulsion that refines and clarifies skin for a clear skin appearance.

LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel 3ml
Nourishing and moisturizing eye gel that relieves stress on the skin around the eyes. Enriched with nourishing Bilberry extracts, this moisture-rich eye gel replenishes moisture and helps to reduce under-eye puffiness while soothing the tired eye area by relieving stress and tension. 

Take a coin-sized amount of cream on your palm. • Spread thoroughly on your cheek, forehead and chin from the centre outwards. • Apply on the nose bridge from top to bottom. • Gently massage your skin to enhance absorption. 

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